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Ameriderm Research, the Clinical Research Division of Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery (ADCS), is a new model for academic medicine, a clinical researching division without walls. ADCS is the largest dermatology group practice in the US, with over 62 offices in Florida. Over 450,000 patients are seen per year. These patients represent nearly every age group and every demographic. On one hand, patients can be completely healthy, being seen for only aesthetic services, while on the other hand, they may have multiple skin and systemic disease disorders. Ameriderm Research was established to make available to this vast patient population access to new drugs, treatments, and devices through Clinical Trials . Moreover, Ameriderm Research helps the pharmaceutical and device industry gain access to this diverse and extensive patient base.

Currently, we have over 20 studies ongoing at 3 clinical trial sites (Ormond Beach, Kissimmee, and Jacksonville). But this is just the beginning. The plan is to have multiple regional sites who can draw on recruitment not only form the site itself but from nearby ADCS offices. In addition, through Leavitt Management Group, Ameriderm Research is an approved NIH contractual facility. As such it is involved with various Universities (University of Central Florida, University of Illinois, Wake Forest University, among others) to cooperate on more basic level clinical studies which help elucidate disease processes, mechanics and pharmacology of treatment response, pathology of disorders, and new high tech data management and device development. Ameriderm Research works with various cosmetic companies to draft and run protocols to test new product development as well as to compare products with competitors. Ameriderm Research is working with device companies to clarify the risk/benefits of new devices in R&D as well as comparisons with current competitors. Finally, Ameriderm Research plays a fundamental role to link several universities’ students and medical residents to dermatology teaching programs and research opportunities within ADCS.