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Clinical Research and Trials

What is a Research Study?

Ameriderm Research enrolls patient volunteers into a variety of research studies which are being performed at a national level under the supervision of the FDA.

Most of the studies concern one of a variety of issues:

  • New drug development (new treatments for a specific disease)
  • New applications and uses for currently licensed drugs (treating one or a variety of diseases using a drug currently being used to treat a different disease)
  • New methods to use the drug to treat the disease for which it is currently being used (different doses, frequency of dosing, combinations with other medications)
  • New medical device studies (new lasers, machines to treat cellulite, scarring, acne, aging, spider veins, leg veins)
  • New applications of current medical devices (treating one or a variety of conditions using a machine currently being used to treat a different condition)
  • New methods (settings) for a currently licensed medical device
  • New cosmetic treatments, procedures, and products (studies similar to those noted above using cosmetics, cosmaceuticals, fillers, injectables, devices)

By participating in a dermatological study, you may have the opportunity to assist us in answering questions and discovering new aspects about treatments and techniques to improve dermatological conditions. You may have the opportunity to be on the forefront of treatment for your disease and benefit from new science and technology. Most of the studies provide the treatment free of charge and frequently compensate the patient for time and travel. Clinical trials offer patients new treatments and opportunities that otherwise might be unavailable.

Our staff is available to assist you in determining whether you qualify for a study and, if so, scheduling a screening visit. If you have one of the dermatological conditions currently being studied by our group and would like to participate in a current or possible future clinical trial, please register here.